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From starting to read philosophy at a young age to formal study in the cognitive sciences and now presenting philosophy to adults, I have come to think that thought – rather like nature – goes its own way. If thought has discernible laws or patterns, claims as to what these are get absorbed back into its ongoing flow. Thinking remains unfinished.

Hannah Arendt and Ernst Jünger say it better:

“Our question: What makes us think?, does not ask for either causes or purposes. Taking for granted man’s need to think, it proceeds from the assumption that the thinking activity belongs among those energeiai which, like flute-playing, have their ends within themselves and leave no tangible outside end product in the world we inhabit.” The Life of the Mind

“So it came about that our life diverged from the plans that we had spun. But we noticed that this divergence caused the work to prosper.” On the Marble Cliffs