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The oneness of time and being: explore the Zen philosophy of Eihei Dogen

“Life is not coming, not going, not present, not becoming. … life is the manifestation of the whole works, death is the manifestation of the whole works.” – Dogen.  05 Jun – 26 Jun ’21


Beyond the Human?

The fields of synthetic biology and artificial life are merging with artificial intelligence to put our conceptions of what it is to be human in doubt. What are the consequences of thinking ‘beyond the human’? 08 Jul – 12 Aug ’21

Philosophy of the Sublime: Horror

The sublime – dreadful, ecstatic, terrifying, awesome, uncanny, perverse – names the uncommon in human experience. The dark sublime of horror reveals our mortality and those dangerous transformations of self that lead us into an unsettling beyond. 20 Jul – 03 Aug ’21

Philosophy of the Sublime: Magic & Imagination

The philosophical sublime refers to those terrifying and delightful realities that exist beyond the common everyday, it is these that the magician seeks to experience and use to achieve a cosmic elevation of the self. 10 Aug – 24 Aug ’21

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